Team Members


Dr Ailin Iwan

Founding Partner | CEO



University of California, Berkeley, USA,

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture; Minors in City Planning & Business Administration

San Francisco State University, USA,

Master of Education

University of Hong Kong, Ph.D.

Dr Ailin Iwan is an Educator, Building Designer, and Author based in Hong Kong. Ailin was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia; and was educated in the United States and Hong Kong: B.A.(Architecture), double minors in Business Administration and City Planning from The University of California, Berkeley; M.A in Global Citizenship Education from The San Francisco State University; and Ph.D. in an Interdisciplinary of Architecture and Education with thesis entitled: "Quality and Sustainability of Early Learning Environments: Case Studies of Award-Winning Green Preschools from Bali, Berkeley, and Hong Kong" from The University of Hong Kong.


Throughout her academic and professional career, Ailin searches for what matters to improve people's life. She arrives in the belief that green living and green education to be critical to envision a thriving future for our present and next generations. Ailin continuously educates her self about the impact of Climate Change to our built environment and actively finds solutions through informing the public with cutting-edge research. She believes that shifting to renewable energy (solar, hydro, wind, and geothermal) to power our modern life and constructing green buildings are no longer optional, but they are necessity for our generation to prevent the deterioration of our planet condition. At the very heart of being a global citizen is being aware that the Earth is our Home in which we need to protect and conserve. She does realizes that acquiring a Global Citizenship view also means maintaining a balance life as a person, a member of a family and a community, and as a faithful citizen of a nation.  A strong believer that research should inform practice, Ailin hopes to offer her expertise to set sustainable visions and strategies for philiaearth.


Ailin specializes in the sustainable design of child care centres, pre-school institution, kindergartens, interior design, and real estate project management. Also as Principal researcher of philiaearth on aspects of sustainability, Ailin supervises the publication of research papers and organizing conferences.