Architecture and Interior Design Projects

The Beauty of Architecture 

The appreciation of art is an affair of both intellect and feeling. Feeling is the aesthetic of impact. Aesthetic of impact are mental facts. Architecture is not solely art. Architecture has a responsibility. It provides a backdrop for everyday activity. A building has more impact on our health, psychology, and productivity than ordinary artwork does. A majority of buildings are ordinary, it is because they fail to capture the human soul. How buildings successfully affect our psychology and emotion in an optimistic way is the spirit of architecture. At Philia Earth, we believe architecture is a functional sculpture which brings life to human spirit. It can find happiness, enthusiasm, encouragement, optimism, and harmony within this functional sculpture. 

A building embodies the quality of beauty through balancing form and function. It is inappropriate to justify the beauty of architecture by supposing that beauty and function are extraneous to one another. Every great piece of architecture harmonizes form and function through the talents, visions, and implementation of committed architect(s).

The Functionality of Architecture

This interpretation of a building in terms of its function is necessary to a complete aesthetic appreciation. Without it, a building may have many beauties, but they are all separate, and there is no beauty of the whole. It is the life which unify the many different parts. 

Architecture is an art, enclosing building science, design management, and cost control. Architects incorporate their intellectual thoughts about the forms and function of the building with the needs of the community. Buildings are like trees in big forest we call cities. As responsible architects, we should take a panoramic view of the forest before adding another tree in the forest. Then, we shall see how this new tree, which is the new building will be incorporated within the big forest of buildings. 

The form of building will determine the natural resource use for the building. The architects who understand green building well, can influence the design to have great efficiency for saving energy and water. At Philia Earth, this line of thinking sets up a framework for our architectural design and project development practice. We analyse the whole life cycle of each building we design. We also focus to minimise carbon and toxic emission and to push for design that can decrease operational cost to maintain a building.

The Role of Excellent Interior Design 

In thinking of architectural beauty, we often too easy to consider the exterior appearance and forget that the interior design has a critical role for users' comfort. The role of excellent interior design is beyond fulfilling a void volume of an enclosed space. Mere volume of space has not much meaning and it must become alive by having the rooms and areas that purposely built to fit each activity. Each space should be meaningful (e.g. the kitchen of a house has to serve its purpose for family while a pantry of an office has to serve its purpose for the staff). The circulation of interior space is also important to create enough space that connects each areas/rooms. The location of the windows and doors are critical especially to capture the sunlight. The use of various building materials is important, particularly if we designing for children (non-toxic materials for paint, carpet, and flooring is always our first choice). Philia Earth team takes interior design seriously because we acknowledge that people spend 90% of our day inside the building. It is our goal to enhance health, well-being, and productivity of the occupants through excellent interior design.

Diamond of Peace
Bamako, Mali

International Baccalaureate Kindergarten (Heritage Preservation)

Nanjing, China

Energy Efficient Interior Office Renovation of Eastern Zone Company Ltd.

Hong Kong, China

Salvation Army Early Childhood Education Center

Macau, China

Single Family House (Green Building) Development

Jakarta, Indonesia

Green Co-work office interior design

Hong Kong, China

Office space planning of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects

Hong Kong, China

Kitchen renovation of a residential apartment unit
Hong Kong, China