Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting is becoming an integral part of any corporations who would like to enhance their responsibilities to inform stakeholders about their organisations' impacts to the society and environment. This document provides a level of transparency for stakeholders, in particular for investors. Starting from year 2018, philiaearth provide sustainability reporting service according to the Global Reporting Institute (GRI) standards and Hong Kong Stock Exchange Environmental Social Governance (ESG) standards. 

Learning about ESG risks of an organisation might affect stakeholders' decisions (e.g. cost of capital or ESG due diligence). This report can be use to present company's good practice along with its sustainability performance that highlight the management's approach in addressing sustainability issues with goals and realistic targets. This report is an effective communication tool that will cover the company's governance structure, its financial performance, relevant sustainability certificates and awards, and case studies that can address stakeholders' concerns. 

Other than for external purpose, there has been many evidences that ESG and GRI are useful as internal innovation and improvements drivers that benefit company's growth. A sample of Sustainability Reports by our Dr. Bernard Cheng can be seen in this page from V Tech (Click the image and you can see the full report for your review).

If your company are interested to use our service in providing "Sustainability Report", please contact us at and we shall provide you with our quotations of the type of reports that you need. 

Note: As each company has its own unique structure and operational, we do not standardize our service fee for sustainability reporting.