Education in the Era of Globalization


"If you plan for 1 year, plant rice

 if you plan for 10 years, plant trees

 if you plan for 100 years, educate people" 

                                         (Chinese Proverbs) 


We believe in the power of education. Philia Earth team consist of many passionate and brilliant educators with caring and humble hearts. It is critical to educate ourselves continuously and share what we know with others so that we all can grow together. Education takes form in formal and informal ways and we respect both approaches. If you have educational projects that you would like to collaborate with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.  


Ailin & Kenneth 

(on behalf of our team)


It has been the vision of Ailin and Kenneth since they established Philia Earth to improve the education in developing countries. Today, Philia Earth has successfully recruits educational consultants with similar vision and the ability to joint-forces to make this vision into reality. At this moment, we have Dr. Rafsan Mahmud (Bangladesh), Dr. Laurent Ndijuye (Tanzania), Dr. Sailor Y. Y. Cai (China), and Dr. Ailin Iwan (Indonesia), who were all graduated from the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong, which ranked No. 4 globally (Times Higher Education World Rankings by Subject 2018). Our educational consulting is also adopting a research-based method since we have the capacity to assist a region and even a nation with this method. We use research to assess the educational situation in one region or country in order to identify its strength and weaknesses. We have the capacity to consult the local or national government(s) in the educational goals that they try to achieve before we propose with solutions that we hope can increase the overall academic performance of students. Our goal is to educate students not only equipping them with academic skills but most importantly to train them to acquire global citizenship characteristics as the following: a) open-minded; b) responsible; c) non-judgmental; d) tolerance; e) understanding; f) curious; g) multilingual; h) 21st century learner; i) critical thinker; j) creative; k) work well in team; l) reaches out to different perspectives; m) adaptable; n) problem solver; o) able to lead.


Dr. Rafsan Mahmud (Bangladesh)

Dr. Laurent Ndijuye (Tanzania)

Dr. Sailor Cai (China)