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Sharing and Dialogue is philiaearth signature events where we would share our research to the general public. As much as possible, we try to offer our events to be free-of-charge. However, depending on the types of events and sponsorship that occasionally, we may charge a small fee to put together events mainly to cover venue rental, meals, and other administrative costs. Our events are not gearing as profit making but rather to give back to our community and to "walk the talk" of promoting "sustainability" to others. 

Our events are often a collaborative efforts with other companies, non-profit-institutions, or universities. All of these have high academic value. If you have new ideas about events and interested to collaborate with us, do not hesitate to contact us at admin@philiaearth.com

We also continuously educate ourselves through participating in various events related to our industry to keep ourselves updated with new ideas and latest information in this fast changing industry. 

Do check our website often and we shall post our future events with interesting topics that will be useful not only for your companies, but also for your individual learning progress. 


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