Team Members


Kenneth K Y Poon

Founding Partner | Principal



University of California, Berkeley, USA,

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

Washington University in St. Louis, USA,

Master of Architecture

Professional Affiliation

Full Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA)

Chartered Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

Member of World Association of Chinese Architects (WACA)

Registered Architect of the HKSAR

BEAM Professional, Hong Kong Green Building Council

Kenneth K.Y. Poon is an architect grew up in Hong Kong and received his education in the United States: B.A.(Architecture) from The University of California, Berkeley; and M.Arch from The Washington University in St. Louis.


Having designed and overseen various building types (high-rise towers, hotels, high-end residential housings, factories, commercial buildings, and elderly centers) in Hong Kong and mainland China, Kenneth is convinced that building efficiency is one of the key solutions to address the density problem in urban cities. He realizes that excellent design should consider all aspects including affordability while at the same time it still have to offer quality in aesthetic, construction, and craftsmanship. This calls for a cohesive team work. Furthermore, he believes that the future of architecture lies in the construction of green buildings. Founded philiaearth, his goal is to offer sustainable solutions through various media (architectural design, consulting, book publication, public education, etc.) for the society. He is committed to use his skills, experience, and talents to serve the community to improve people's quality of lives.


Kenneth shares a very broad spectrum of expertise. He specializes in high rise architectural design, commercial + office, hospitality, residential, industrial, elderly homes and child care centres, and urban planning. He is proficient in project management and real estate development.

At philiaearth, Kenneth leads a strong team of outstanding multi-disciplinary professionals to bring sustainable solutions with the objective to advance humanity in a thriving world.