Amazing things happen when there is synergy in a team of passionate people with the same goal to add values to the projects that we believe will make our world into a better place to live for our generations and the generation to come.


Here at philiaearth, we do not consider our people as company's asset, but instead they are trusted-friends, mentors, mentees, and collaborators.


We establish a culture of trust and transparency among our team because we believe only then we can succeed together. We are passionate to make our world a better place but we are conscious to live a balance life while we work hard to achieve our goals.

Kenneth K Y Poon
Founding Partner, Chairman
Hong Kong, China
Dr Ailin Iwan
Founding Partner, CEO
Hong Kong, China
Rev / Prof James S Pounder
Business Leadership and Education, Senior Advisor, UK
Ir Dr Hoat-joan Pam
Civil and Structural Engineering, Senior Advisor, New Zealand
Angela Arguelles
Business Ethics and Compliance, Advisor
Hong Kong, China
Jimmy Y W Chan
Design Principal
Hong Kong, China
Morgan Kwong
Design Principal
San Francisco, USA
Gerhard Rinkens
Design Principal
Karlsruhe, Germany
Nelson C H Fung
Business Development and Account Manager
Hong Kong, China
James C M Chong
Construction Project Manager
Hong Kong, China
Ir William Wong
Building Services Consultant
Hong Kong, China
Dr Sailor Y Y Cai
Research Consultant (Education)
Shanghai, China
Dr Rafsan Mahmud
Research Consultant (Education)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dr Laurent G Ndijuye
Research Consultant (Education)
Dodoma, Tanzania

Our professionals are members of the following organizations:

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