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Our Business Ethics






                                                                                                  Charity                   Excellence




                                                                          Family-Work Balance                                   


Respect: We respect everyone who are involved in our work. 

Integrity: We uphold integrity and will do our best not to let any type of misconduct deteriorate our integrity.

Ethics: We believe ethics should embody the way we work and it should guide us in how we collaborate with others. 

Excellence: We strive to be innovative, efficient, and competitive to produce excellent quality of work and deliver supreme professional service both internally and externally. 

Family-Work Balance: We aim to nurture our people to have the mindset of balancing their roles in our company with their roles in their family. We believe the fact that people's have a flourishing professional life when they have a healthy family life.

Profitability: We aim to calculate cost-benefit-risk analysis early on then to seek profitability that will be "win-win" in nature with everyone we ever engage with.

Charity: We give back a percentage of our profits to charity organizations. 

Ethics is derived from the Greek word "ethikos", meaning "moral or showing moral characters. The foundation of business ethics is vital in order to equip our company to face challenges especially in difficult times. Business ethics is expressed in the organisation's code of conduct, social responsibility, trade practices, business, and marketing strategy, its style of deals and contracts, its human resource policy, its anti-money laundering program and vetting process for investors, partners, and clients. The moral conscience of the organisation needs to be clear, deliberate, and articulated widely, consistently, honestly so its business ethics evolves from a deck of instructions to the collective culture of the organisation.



As a Christian company, we take business ethics seriously knowing that we are accountable to our ultimate boss: GOD. Respect, integrity, ethics, excellence, family-work-balance, profitability, and charity are the 7 core values of philiaearth. The founding partners have a vision to seek creative, innovative, and sustainable solutions to existing world problems while being realistic and careful in the execution of projects that can improve people's quality of life. Our company has a mission to preserve the earth's resources through actively taking part in sustainable development and educating our present and the next generation to make smart choices. The vision and mission will be the corner stone to lay the foundation of the Business Ethos of our company. As we move forward, we shall open up ourselves for future investments where there is a good-fit not only in term of investment value, but more importantly in regards to a shared vision on the value of Business Ethics.

Photo of our Philia Earth Team in Hong Kong on our 3rd year Anniversary 042219