"You cannot excel alone."

Our value is rooted in partnership and mentorship. We believe the healthy growth of a company relies on harmonious collaboration among colleagues, business partners, and clients. Our senior staff provides mentorship to junior staff in the company, who would dare to share their innovative ideas without hesitation to their seniors. We never under estimate the power of scaffolding of experience and knowledge among inter-generational professionals within the same built and environmental industry or cross-disciplinary industry that share similar vision.

"In the beginning God created

the heavens and the earth."

(Genesis 1:1)

Planet Earth was created as the jewel among all God's creations because this planet has the capability to sustain living beings and we, human beings, were created in the image of the Lord to be blessed, bear fruits, and take good care of this Earth.

Over the years, anthropogenic activities have degraded the situation on Earth and as a consequence our planet is currently experiencing Global Warming, causing serious Climate Change problem in many parts of the world.


philiaearth was established to find sustainable solutions for this global problem. We conduct research prior to propose any project with the hope that our research will inform practice. The key areas that we are interested to develop are green buildings, sustainable cities, green education, renewable and clean energy, and capacity building to raise green leaders in various fields. 


We are looking for projects that can improve people's quality of life, make significant impact to the community at large.


We are open to partnership and collaborate with like-minded professionals who share similar passion to improve our world into a better place to live, who are open-minded with innovative ideas, rigorous in thinking and implementation, flexible, and embrace innovation. 

If you are a professional, educator, NGO, institution, or serious investor who are keen to support environmentally friendly projects, we invite you to contact us. We will be happy to start the conversation to envision how we can make our world into a better place to live TOGETHER!

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