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Energy Efficient Office Renovation Design
Hong Kong, China

Project Size

3,300 square feet

Construction Cost

USD 420,000


Eastern Zone Company Limited

Centennial trading company Eastern Zone Company Ltd. owns several floors at Chai Wan Industrial Centre. Due to increasing demand of office administration work, the company decided to expand the sales and marketing team by converting extra warehouse spaces into office.

The interior design concept referred to BEAM Plus and WELL Building Standards in order to achieve a healthy and sustainable office environment. While much of the building services at the existing office remains, the new office calls for energy efficiency and improved quality of indoor environment. For instance, high efficient electric appliances are selected to save energy. Motion sensors are installed at ceilings to avoid unnecessary consumption of electricity and air conditioning. Low flow water taps and water saving sanitary fittings are selected. Low VOCs emission wall paint and furniture is used. Plotted plants to be located to improve indoor air quality and allow a pleasant feeling.

A strong circulation spine connected the existing office to the new area. An elevated timber deck construction in recyclable flooring materials is used to separate the existing and new office, also serving as a public space. A 16-seater board room and a communal kitchen are located along horizontal axis at both sides of the circulation spine, visually connects the two functions. Several casual seating areas are located at the timber deck which provide additional collaboration spaces. Supervisor rooms with glazed partitions are sited along the window to achieve natural daylight directly while bringing in light to the interior open office space. Network server and printing equipment is located in an individual room with ventilation. The good practice avoids accumulation of exhausted fume to the open office area and noise nuisance. 

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