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Extension of Delia's Hall at Good Hope School
Hong Kong, China

Project Size

90,500 sq. ft.

Construction Cost

USD 36 million


Yu Wing Construction & Investment Co. Ltd.



Philia Earth and K&W Architects Ltd. participated in the Design-and-Build tender for the Redevelopment of Delia's Hall at Good Hope School. The existing building has been sitting at the site for over 50 years. It has witnessed different students and teachers of the school generations after generations. The design keeps the memorable historical facade of Delia's Hal while fulfilling all requirements from teh school. We see this a great opportunity of not only increasing the value of the premises but also offering invaluable memories to those who treasure the experience with Delia's Hall. This method of preserving the existing structure reduces cost, time, noise, and pollution due to minimal demolition works.

The overall design embeds the school values: that is love, hope, joy, and thanksgiving. The new building is designed in human scale and based on the principle of "what end-users need" and "how they perform" in order to create a people-oriented environment. The use of space is efficient.


The semi-open podium floor can turn into a new hub where people coming from different directions may gather. It is an effective community space in the center of the school campus and thus an important element to enhance interaction and strengthen relationship between students and teachers.

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