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Salvation Army Early Childhood Education Center
Macau, China

Project Size

4,000 square feet

Construction Cost

USD 680,000


The Salvation Army (Hong Kong & Macau)


Inspired by the Salvation Army’s 11 articles of faith, our team chose the verse from Matthew 5:14 to guide the design process for the new early childhood education center in Macau SAR.

The philosophy for the new center was a space for training children to be future leaders. Considering children to spend a long period of time indoor, we hoped they feel comfortable, happy, healthy, and consider the center as their second home.

We closely followed the four classical ideal Preschool Design categories developed by Kennedy in 1991:
❑ home-like;
❑ un-finished character;
❑ open relationship between the natural and built environment; and
❑ balance between different kinds of space.


Here, our design strived for a school premises that was inclusive and sensitive to the special needs. Differentiated space and ceiling height, and contrasting wall color improve preschool children’s cooperative behavior according to Read, Sugawara, and Brant (1999).

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