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Space Planning of the Office of Hong Kong Institute of Architects
Hong Kong, China

Project Size

4,500 square feet

Est. Construction Cost

USD 760,000


The Hong Kong Institute of Architects


The Hong Kong Institute of Architects looks for design and construction service of its premises since its last renovation in the 1990s’. Our team submitted a tender which calls for high efficiency to optimize seating areas and provision of meeting rooms and sustainability.

All meeting facilities are grouped at one end and administrative office at the other to avoid cross pedestrian circulation. Main lobby space can be re-arranged into a proper exhibition area. The HKIA and ARB room are located adjacently with  acoustic folding partitions in between. These two rooms can host functions separately. If there is bigger event, the two rooms can be combined.


A permanent public lecture hall with formal seating is designated to host regular public CPD events. Alternatively, this hall can be turned into another exhibition gallery.


An open pantry with a casual lounge is easily accessible for both staff and visitors for leisure reading and casual interaction. Journals and books can be exhibited at the pantry cabinet.


Our professional team will also provide cabling and network engineering solutions, from topology design to cable laying. High quality cable layering and management not only affects interior aesthetics but also improves environmental safety and health.

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