A Research-Based Design Approach 

philiaearth embraces a research-based design approach, a unique method in creative design industry because we believe through serious design that commonly overlooked by others. As professionals in the built-environment, our responsibilities are beyond imagining and coming up with aesthetic form, but more importantly being able to design, renovate buildings that can be functional, long-lasting, comfortable for users, and socially-environmentally friendly. As of today, philiaearth have completed several independent research and published scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals. Our company has been invited by renowned local and international universities to give presentation to educate wider professional audience. Furthermore, we have the capacity and ability to conduct and actualize research into practice. Our team members are equipped with academic knowledge and experience in design practice. 

Through equipping our-selves with research on certain building type (e.g. we completed 1-year, 2018, a mixed-method research project on Elderly Homes Conditions in Hong Kong sponsored by Hong Kong Institute of Architects) or research on sustainable cities (e.g. we completed, presented, and published a 2-year 2016-2017, qualitative research on the role of governments and green building councils on cities transformations: case studies of Hong Kong and Vancouver), we are able to offer better service because we have gained firsthand knowledge and understanding about the situation not based on assumption, but facts, data, site visit, observation, and stakeholders' interview. 

We firmly believe that our research-based design approach will equip us to be better designers, builders, urban-planners, who will be realistic in consulting clients for their needs and be more reasonable about budget and deliverable time for our service. In this section, we listed several videos and photos from our previous presentation in international conferences. Occasionally, we will organise events to share the results of our research as attempt to educate other professionals. 

Other Resources


Planet Earth may have abundant resources, however, human beings have the responsibility to manage these resources wisely. Exploiting the natural resources for pleasurable consumptions will endanger the stage of our planet. We believe in the philosophy of "Ubuntu" where everyone is unique while at the same time bears a collective responsibility for the society at large. Videos, articles, and links to other websites are posted in our website are meant to provide education about the situation of our planet with the hope that it can stimulate discussion to adopt sustainable life-styles. We hope more people will be interested to join our efforts to preserve our planet with positive collaborations, innovations, and a change of mindsets.



"Our Future Starts Now"

a video by the United Nations 

duration (4:26) 

"Global Warming"

a video by NASA 

duration (5:48)


Building Sustainability Assessment and B