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"How to Improve the Environment of Elderly Homes in Hong Kong"


Continuing Professional Development Research Fund Awardees Sharing Session


The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (Hong Kong)




January 13, 2021

Research Team Member

Kenneth Poon, Dr. Ailin Iwan, Jimmy Chan, Dr. Lilian Zhang, Dr. Shona Tang, Dr. Sailor Cai


Due to the present socio-economic and demographic condition, the impact of long term care to the rising elderly population is becoming one of the most important concerns in our society. Traditionally, aging parents were being taken care of at home by younger family members. In the face of difficult situations such as the soaring property value, limited space and lack of expertise in caring for the specific needs of the elderly, we have seen an increasing number of the elderly sent to the elderly homes in recent decade.


Funded by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, our research studies the design of elderly home from the aspects of functionality, safety, hygiene, and sustainability. We identifies design factors that affect the physical, psychological, emotional and socializing wellbeing of both senior residents and staff. Our research team consists of a panel of professional across different disciplines. Taking advantage of this interdisciplinary approach between social-science and built-environment, our final report provides empirical data as design guidelines for professionals, owners and operators of elderly homes, as well as policy-makers.

The Hong Kong Institute of Architects invited our team to present our research finding in January 2021.

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