Follower of Christ as leader

Here at philiaearth, we hope our people can coach each other and also are willing to be coached by the others. We value both external partnership and internal long-term relationship. We believe that a friend loves at all time (Proverbs 17:17). We hope to exercise strength, rigor, determination, resilience, and assertiveness just as the Lion while at the same time we hope to be approachable, shepherding, and caring just as the Lamb. These duality principles of leadership are meant to nurture the characters of our future leaders to resemble the perfection of CHRIST's characteristics.

Our key leadership philosophy follows JESUS CHRIST's passion and unconditional love to his friends.


It is written in Proverbs 17:17  that "a friend loves at all time". The painting by Salvator Dali (1955) called as: "THE LAST SUPPER" showcased the love of Christ to His friends (the 12 apostles whom he chose to follow Him to spread the good news/gospel).


The Last Supper is the final meal that in the gospel accounts, Jesus shared with his apostles in Jerusalem before his crucifixion. The Last Supper provides the scriptural basis for the Eucharist, also known as 'Holy Communion' or 'The Lord Supper'. In this occasion, Jesus also gave a new commandment that is "to love one another as He has loved us". He calls his apostles as FRIENDS and not Servants. Jesus also washed his friends' feet to symbolized that His humility in leading. 

The Last Supper Painting by Salvator Dali (1955), it was drawn using the golden section 

Our management philosophy is inspired by Dutch theologian Henri J.M. Nouwen's writing on "Dealing with Duality".

In his own words, Nouwen wrote the following:


"There is within you a lamb and a lion. Spiritual maturity is the ability to let lamb and lion lie down together. Your lion is your adult, aggressive self. It is your initiative-taking and decision-making self. But, there is also your fearful, vulnerable lamb, the part of you that needs affection, support, affirmation, and nurturing. When you heed only your lion, you will find yourself overextended and exhausted. When you take notice only of your lamb you will easily become a victim of your need for other people's attention. The art of spiritual living is to fully claim both of your lion and your lamb. Then you can act assertively without denying your own needs. And you can ask for affection and care without betraying your talent to offer leadership." 

The duality of the lion and the lamb leadership


The Good and Evil 

The Rich and the Poor 

The Young and the Old 

The Yin and the Yang 

The Light and the Darkness

The Night and the Day 

The Beginning and the End 

The Alpha and the Omega

Isn't life full with duality? 

What is the purpose of duality? 

Why these two extremes existed? 

How to reconcile the duality in life? 

The Good shall overcome the Evil 

The Rich shall help the Poor 

The Yin shall balance the Yang

The Light shall shine into the Darkness

The Night shall take turn with the Day

However, The Beginning is the End 

Because, The ALPHA is the OMEGA


The Duality in Life exists 

The Owner of the perfection exists.

Just as the mankind exists, 

because their CREATOR exists. 

He is the beginning and the end

He is the ALPHA and the OMEGA 

He is the Owner of TIME

He is the absolute perfect being 

He is GOD, 

who loves all His creations

who allows the duality in life exist

with all the spectrum in between the two polars 

He is GOD,

 who sow the seeds in the imperfect humans' bodies; 

nurturing the spirits and souls of His people 

into the perfection of His Holy characters 

He is GOD and He is LOVE 

He is the GOD who loves....

                                                                     to GOD be the glory,

Ailin Iwan Poon, Ph.D

a scholar by training and

a poet at heart 


the poem was written on

February 18, 2017

The Yin-Yang Tree