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(Requirement and Expectation on Ironmongery Application in Healthcare and Barrier-Free facilities from the Architectural Design Industry's point of view)

19th China (Guangzhou) International Building Fair at Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou (July 9, 2017)

Presented by: Mr. Kenneth K Y Poon

Research Team Members 

Kenneth K. Y. Poon 

Dr. Ailin Iwan

duration (15:37) 


Architects and Interior Designers always deal with ironmongery in a construction project. In a typical elderly centre fitting-out project, the cost of ironmongery constitutes to approx. 2% of the overall construction cost, within which the cost of barrier-free ironmongery usually does not exceed 1%. As a result, many designers and clients tend to put less focus on the selection of ironmongery because of its small contribution in a project.


Being a representative of World Association of Chinese Architects to deliver a keynote speech at the 19th China (Guangzhou) International Buildign Fair, Philia Earth addressed the topic from the angle of “People-oriented; Caring for the Environment” (以人为本; 爱护环境). The speech emphasized on the importance of caring for the vulnerable groups in the society (弱勢社群) such as elderly citizens and children with physical disabilities. It also discussed a sustainable manufacture approach for ironmongery products as an alternative.