Team Members


Morgan C H Kwong

Associate Consultant



University of California, Berkeley, USA,

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

Professional Affiliation

Full Member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA)

California State Registered Architect, USA

Morgan Kwong is a California licensed architect who was born in Hong Kong and educated in the United States (B.A. Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley). He has over ten years of design experiences with several notable projects mostly in Medical Facilities: Beijing International Medical Center (planning and conceptual design for a new medical city in Beijing, which includes the integration of hospitals, medical research buildings, nursing and physician educational spaces, a simulation training center, applied biomedical and medical device research, patient care facilities, residential and commercial facilities); National Accelerator Laboratory Linac Coherent Light Source II; Roslin Institute (a 150,000 sq ft laboratory complex which incorporate auditorium, bio-containment, bio-bioinformatics, biology laboratory, cafeteria, clinical research laboratory, collaborative space, conference room, high containment, imaging, immunology, infectious disease laboratory, library, offices, and vivarium); Baxter International (160,000 sq ft Medical Production Manufacturing and Process Laboratory Building in Los Angeles, CA); Genentech (270,000 sq ft Building 16 and 17 for Chemistry and Biology Laboratory Building, South San Francisco, CA); and Commercial: Midtown Crossing (400,000 sq ft Shopping Center in Los Angeles, CA); Castle and Cooke (600,000 sq ft high-end life-style center with a variety of shops and restaurants in Bakersfield, CA); and Mattix Development Partner (130,000 sq ft Neighborhood Center and Public Park in La Canada, CA).


Morgan oversees the design projects in North America. Morgan is also Founder of a Design-and-Build development company in San Francisco - DAO Development Group.


Morgan has extensive investment experience in Design-and-Build real estate projects in North America. He also specializes in healthcare and laboratory type architecture.