Dr Sailor Y Y Cai

Research Consultant




Central China Normal University, PRC

B.A. in English Language & Literature

Memorial University of Newfoundland,

M.Ed. in Curriculum, Teaching & Learning

University of Hong Kong

Ph.D. in Educational Assessments

Dr Sailor Y Y Cai holds a Ph.D. in Educational Assessment from the University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, SAR); M.Ed in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning from Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada); and B.A. in English Language and Literature from Central China Normal University (PRC). His expertise is in developing various large-scale educational projects in mainland China and Hong Kong and experienced in research on International Educational Assessments. He sat as external consultant for several educational institutions in China, the United Kingdom, and the United States. He is keen in conducting research that covers diverse subjects in psychology, education, and sociology. Sailor's work has been published widely in top-rank peer-reviewed academic journals in the fields of education and psychology. As a researcher and educator, Sailor is comfortable to collaborate with fellow-researchers from other disciplines (e.g. arts, social-science, architecture, to name a few). He holds a researcher position at the Education University of Hong Kong. In supporting the team at philiaearth, Sailor plays an important role in offering his critical analysis, research expertise, and educational consulting insights.  


Sailor specializes in large-scale research and projects in the area of education and in particular academic assessment. He is also an active user of various psychometric and multivariate models (e.g. mediation analysis, moderation analysis, longitudinal modeling, multilevel modeling, mixture modeling, and dynamic modeling). Sailor is keen in his statistical analysis and he has a wealth of experience in quantitative research.