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Dr. Ailin Iwan 余莉美博士


Ailin is a Chinese Indonesian American designer, scholar and educator. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, she has the privilege to receive elite education in the United States and Hong Kong. Her pathbreaking doctoral thesis from the University of Hong Kong seamlessly integrates the complexity of architectural design and early childhood education, focusing on the quality and sustainability of early learning environment. She received B.A. (Architecture) with double minors in Business Administration and City Planning from UC Berkeley. She also received M.A. in Education from San Francisco State University.

Throughout her academic and professional training, Ailin has come to believe that green living and green education is critical to improve our present quality of life and to foster a thriving future for our next generations. Ailin takes part in finding solutions to mitigate climate change and social inequality through research and public education. This laid down the cornerstone of Philia Earth’s unique "research-based” design approach.


Ailin leads the sustainable design of early childhood environment such as child care centers, preschools or kindergartens. She also supervises research works across different studios.

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