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Hong Kong Most Outstanding Leaders Awards (Hong Kong, 2019)

Kowloon Shangri-La (June 20, 2019) 

Dr. Ailin Iwan (Chief Sustainability Officer of Philia Earth Limited) represented the company to receive "Hong Kong Most Outstanding Leaders Awards". During the signing prior to the ceremony, she was accompanied by her husband, Mr. Kenneth K.Y. Poon and her daughter, Melissa Judith Poon. 

Judges' comments are the following: 

* The reputation and recognition of the brand in the credibility of design solution and consultancy. 

* Your team's proven market expertise and specialisation in architectural and interior design with devotion to the best business practices

   (transparency in market knowledge and research). 

* Your team provide innovative and sustainable formulation to the projects. 

* Devotion to setting industry standards with strict due diligence and stringent quality management measures.

* Caring and responsible for the society's sustainability (for the next generation and elderly).

International Business Award (London, 2018) 

Intercontinental Park Lane (October 20, 2018)

Mr. Kenneth K.Y. Poon (Chief Executive of Philia Earth Limited) represented the company to receive "International Business Award" (silver). Our company competed among 3,900 nominees to win the award.

Judges' Comments are the following: 

* Providing creative, innovative, and sustainable solutions

   to existing world problems is a superb job. First Rate


* Philia Earth is a pragmatic approach to eco friendly living

   and sustainable development. It is both deign based and

   research based. Recruitment has been strong because of

   the corporate image that has been communicated.

   Projects include facilities from kindergarten to eldercare

   and many businesses in between.

* A company with a future vision and environmental


* Great initiatives to create awareness on sustainable


* It is wonderful to see a company that not only focuses on

   profits, but is also keen on sharing their expertise with

   others and is continuing to expand the knowledge

   through research benefiting the company as well as the

   architectural community. Your company has tackled many

   interesting projects since it was established in 2016.

* Philia Earth's growth strategy execution has been great.

* Noble and important vision. Superb work. Great

   supporting material. Keep moving and keep smiling.