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Why Green Building is good for you?

What will be your utility bill look like if you spend 90% of our time inside a building with inefficient electrical and plumbing system?

What is your chance to get respiratory diseases such as asthma or chronic & acute bronchitis if you spend 90% of time in an indoor environment full of unseen but harmful indoor particulate matters (PM)?

We spend about 90% of our time indoors. Therefore, the quality of a building environment is directly related to our physical and mental wellbeing. At Philia Earth, you will find green and responsible design approaches to:


  1. lower the operational cost of your projects by having more efficient electrical, ventilation, or plumbing system;

  2. enhance occupants' health, wellbeing, and productivity by improving indoor air quality, visual comfort, aural comfort, and thermal comfort;

  3. improve your corporate's image to environmental issue commitment;

  4. increase marketability of rental space.

 - Our Service Pledge -

We strive for quality, sustainability, innovation, efficiency, and affordability in all projects. The ultimate objective of each project to be aesthetically pleasing, truly functional, long-lasting, comfortable for users, and socially-environmentally friendly.


Our organization structure remains lean and flexible that gives us the advantage to form the most suitable professional team to serve our clients with a competitive fee, which means that we do not add unnecessary cost that results in hidden fee or overcharging clients.

Nothing is too big or too small. Each project is served one on one by our partner(s) with equal respect and care. We value customers' experience very much because reputation is everything in business.

Design services we offer with great level of confidence

Although our team can take in a variety of projects, we are particularly hands-on for the following:


​Corporate (Office Headquarters  |  Co-work space);
Hospitality and Residential;
Education (Preschool  |  K-12  |  Children and Youth Centers);
Senior Living (Day Care Centers  |  Elderly Homes);
Religious (Churches and ancillary facilities);

Shopping mall and arcade



Smart and Sustainable Community;
Neighborhood Revitalization

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