The naming of "philiaearth"

The word "philia" originates from Greek, which carries the meaning of "friendship love". We add "earth" to symbolize our intention to be "friends of the Earth" through protecting its natural resources and fostering rapport among colleagues, business partners and clients. The green and blue color in the logo symbolize land and water on Earth respectively. We hope to take responsibility to exercise God's given skills and talents to solve existing world's problems caused by climate change and social in-equality.

Our mission and service

philiaearth was established in Hong Kong on Earth Day 2016 with a strong sustainability vision in advancing humanities for a thriving world.


Our award-winning research-based design approach ensures design to go beyond aesthetic form, but also be functional, long-lasting, comfortable for users, and socially-environmentally friendly. This method is unique in the creative industry. Through serious research we are able to identify the pitfalls in design, which commonly overlooked by others. We have published many scholarly articles to support our design in peer-reviewed journals and often invited by renowned local and international universities as keynote speakers.


Today with offices in Hong Kong and San Francisco, we are a global company to provide design consultancy services in green architecture, interior design, and smart urban planning that brings healthy, positive, and long-lasting impact to our society.

Team Members