The naming of philiaearth

The word "philia" originates from Greek, which carries the meaning of "friendship love". We add "earth" to symbolize our intention to be "friends of the Earth" through protecting its natural resources and to foster rapport among colleagues and among business partners, consultants, and clients who engage with our company. The green and blue colour symbolize land and water on Earth respectively. We hope to take responsibility to exercise God's given skills and talents to solve existing world's problems caused by climate change and social in-equality through the establishment of philiaearth. Therefore, we added the slogan, "forward thinking and action for a sustainable world". Although our contribution is limited, we hope to continuously inspire many others to take part in this sustainable journey.  

About us

philiaearth is an award-winning company established on Earth Day 2016 with a strong sustainability vision in "advancing humanities for a thriving world" through our work in architecture, interior design, urban planning, education, and technology that brings healthy and positive impact to our society. Since the conception of our company, our growth has been fast and steady, which landed us with "International Business Award" (Silver) under the category of "Start-Up of the Year" in 2018 and "Hong Kong's Most Outstanding Leaders Award" in 2019 for our work in architecture and interior design. Our best-practice story will be feature in the United Nations Global Year Book 2019 that shows an acknowledgment for our commitment to the UN 17 SDGs. We adopt a research-based design approach to ensure that design that goes beyond aesthetic form, but also be functional, long-lasting, comfortable for users, and socially-environmentally friendly. This method is unique in the creative industry. Through serious research we are able to identify the pitfalls in design, which commonly overlooked by others. We have published many scholarly articles to support our design in peer-reviewed journals and invited by renowned local and international universities as keynote speakers. We are confident that our multi-disciplinary and experience professional team (consists of architects, interior designers, engineers, sustainability consultant, educators, MBAs, IT experts, to name a few) can provide excellent service with high integrity. 

Advancing Humanity for a Thriving World

We shifted our thinking from "sustaining" to "thriving". We see sustainability as the first essential step to restore our planet earth from its depleting resources situation due to anthropogenic conducts. However, the end goal is not only "sustaining" but "thriving". With the advancement of technology, we believe that our 21st century generation shall be able to advance humanities and it is not too lofty to imagine a thriving world. 


The responsibility for the millennial generation to nurture the alpha generation has to be consider seriously. Therefore, moving forward while we continue to integrate research with practice, we are adding the element of technology as an integral part of our approach.


We also have expand our team with the addition of technology experts in IT, VR, and AI. With our new approach of: RESEARCH + PRACTICE + TECHNOLOGY, we are confident that our company will provide excellent services and develop amazing new projects.  

We are open to form partnership with like-minded organisations or companies in order to reach global goals to improve people's quality of life and to preserve our beautiful earth.

Advancing Humanities for a Thriving Worl

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