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Morgan Kwong 鄺中浩

Design Partner, Principal

Morgan is a very talented Architect licensed in California. He was born in Hong Kong and studied architecture at UC Berkeley. Morgan has 20 years of residential design and project management experience. He is specially interested in design-build and he has successfully invested and built several residential houses of his own in the San Francisco Bay Area. Morgan also holds a real estate broker license to widen his knowledge in the real estate profession.

As Design Partner of Philia Earth in the San Francisco studio, Morgan manages projects particularly in California. On top of design works, Morgan oversees project delivery and carries out compliance checking against the latest building codes.


Morgan specialized in the design and development of real estate projects, whether new buildings or house flipping. He is very sensitive to the property market and has helped many clients to remodel their homes to increase property value. He also has extensive experience in the design of Accessory Dwelling Units in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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