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Jimmy Chan 陳宇和

Design Partner, Principal

Jimmy is a Registered Architect and Green Building Professional (BEAM Pro) in Hong Kong with extensive experience covering both new developments and historic building preservation works in Hong Kong. He is proficient in executing projects that meet clients’ time and budget and therefore providing satisfactory customer experience.

Jimmy is one of the very few experts in Hong Kong in the field of historic preservation. He has vast experience in managing the repair and restoration works on declared monuments and graded historic buildings, including site supervision and quality control. He conducts condition survey and preparing inspection reports and making recommendations on follow up restoration, maintenance and repair.

As Design Partner of Philia Earth in Hong Kong studio, Jimmy manages projects in Hong Kong and China. And he is a good mentor to junior staff at the office.


Jimmy specializes in carrying out feasibility studies, managing structural and building services design, engineering, drainage, cartographic and photographic survey of cultural heritage architecture. In his past time, Jimmy is a professional photographer of many building projects and events.

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