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Kenneth Poon 潘錦堯

Co-Founder and Managing Principal

Kenneth Poon is an international award-winning Architect and Green Building Professional (BEAM Pro). He studied architecture at UC Berkeley and Washington University in St. Louis. Having designed and managed various building types (high-rise towers, hotels, high-end residential housings, corporate buildings, elderly homes and child care centers) in the past 16 years, Kenneth is convinced that energy and spatial efficiency are principal solutions to address building problems in urban cities. He sees that an excellent design should embrace quality, sustainability, innovation, efficiency and affordability.

This calls for a cohesive team with one such vision to improve our built environment and to conserve natural resources. Together with his wife, Dr. Ailin Iwan, Kenneth co-founded Philia Earth – a multi-disciplinary research-based design company grounded with biblical principles and sustainable values to advance interior design, architecture and urban planning.


As Co-Founder and Managing Principal, Kenneth assumes overall responsibility and day to day management of the company. He assures each and every client receive the utmost respectful and appropriate service care. He also provides one on one service to projects involving his areas of expertise.


Kenneth shares a very broad spectrum of expertise. He specializes in high rise architectural design, commercial + office, hospitality, residential, industrial, elderly homes and child care centers, and urban planning.

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