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2020 International Business Awards (United States)

Dr. Ailin Iwan was nominated Bronze awardee as "Woman of the Year" by International Business Awards in November 2020.

Acceptance Speech:

"I am thankful to GOD for this unexpected blessing. I am grateful to my family especially my husband and my parents who support me to pursue my dream in an unpredictable entrepreneur journey. I was heavily pregnant and was finishing up an architecture design project when my husband received "International Business Award" for Startup of the Year in London in 2018. I never imagine that I would hold IBA trophy as Woman of the Year in 2020. I am blessed to marry an amazing husband who happens to be a talented architect. Kenneth is responsible not only in his own profession but also at home. His support, advices, encouragement, and insights meant a lot for me to push forward in the right direction. I would like to dedicate this award to my mother who inspires me with her unconditional love for her family as I witnessed she supported my father throughout his ups and down in the business world and she successfully raised her four children to blossom in pursuing their own particular interests in their professions. I also would like to dedicate this award to my daughter, Melissa Judith Poon, and all girls in her generation with a simple message to never give up on your dream and always try to be the very best of yourself while keeping the balance of family and work life." (Dr. Ailin Iwan Poon: April 22, 2021)

Judges' comments below:

* I haven’t seen such quality work in a long time. Great job!

* Dr. Ailin Iwan has an incredible growth story.

* This entry is highlights several of the amazing services offered by Philia Earth and specifically Dr. Iwan. This is a vision, and direction which shows the capabilities of skilled leadership with an innovative idea. Behind the leadership of Dr. Iwan, the company continues to build a sustainable product and model of architecture which can enhance the global opportunity for humans longevity on earth. This is a unique proposition, and this leadership is key to the company and vision. Continue to branch out to make partnerships and volunteer to enhance the company's brand and image in the future.

* Dr. Iwan is a passionate leader for her employees, company and world sustainability. The launch and progress of Philia has been impressive since their founding 4 years ago. It is not difficult to understand the unique achievements of Dr. Iwan that led Philia Earth to promote her to CEO in 2020 and that differentiates herself as woman of the year.

* Good example of female leadership but unclear how is this is specifically differentiated to others in the industry.

* She is encouraging young professionals to practice sustainable design.


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