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Energy Efficient Single Family Residence
Jakarta, Indonesia

Project Size

2,800 square feet

Construction Cost

USD 2 million


Private client

Our team received a commission from an Indonesian client to design his family house at the luxurious district of Kembangan Selatan in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The sleek rectangular form with simple shear wall system provides extra structural stability in the seismic zone. White enamel panels reflect much of the solar heat, reducing heat gain into interior space. Horizontal sun shading devices are designed with respect to the solar path, providing extra shading. The lawn on ground floor and roof garden is designed to reduce surface storm water run off. As water on the grass evaporates, it provides temporarily cooling effect. Insulated glass units with low shading coefficient are installed to reduce solar heat gain through the glazing into the interior.


Interior finishes consist of safe and sustainable building materials which include but not limited to extra low VOCs paint, eco floor, and energy efficient electric appliances.

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