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Interior Design of International Baccalaureate Kindergarten
Nanjing, China

Project Size

50,000 square feet

Est. Construction Cost

USD 7 million


Beijing Zhao De Education Consulting Company Ltd.


The site consisted of two heritage buildings with large green grass lawns. We are requested to design 13 classrooms, multi-function room (for graduation and in-door playground, ballet class, and so forth), two STEM rooms, two piano rooms, art-room, and carpentry room. We designed the interior space with most respect to the original building exterior to save time and money. We also carefully selected building materials (carpet, paints, and furniture) that are non-toxic.

The design approach comes with a lot of research about children learning environment (classroom density, center and building size, indoor and outdoor spaces relationship, playgrounds, preschool location, air quality, function of colors, acoustics, differentiated ceiling height, and activity zones), deep thoughts about how to create an environment to support IB curriculum, sensitivity and understanding to what children’s need. We try to spark children’s imagination and provide quality environment that enhances children’s learning experience and facilitate teaching.

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