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Po Leung Kuk Neighborhood Elderly Center
Hong Kong, China

Project Size

4,200 square feet

Construction Cost

USD 540,000


Po Leung Kuk (Hong Kong)


It is an interior fitting-out works for Po Leung Kuk Neighborhood Elderly Centre at Ching Long Shopping Mall, Kai Ching Estate, provides elderly activity facilities for the local community. Kenneth Poon was the project-in-charge and lead designer while the project was administrated under K&W Architects Ltd. as the authorized person.

Ching Long Shopping Mall is a new building. The premises of this elderly center was handed over to the design team in a bare shell condition. “Nature” and “Ecofriendly” is the design theme of the project because a natural ambience is more pleasing and comfortable to elderly people. The color tone is warm. Timber is the primary color throughout the design. High efficiency LED lighting is used. Vinyl floor sheet and wall paints to be of very low VOCs content to be selected to minimize health impact to human bodies.  Movable partitions are installed so that the main hall space can be subdivided into smaller break out rooms that can serve different activities at the same time.

The total construction duration was 50 days without extension of time and within budget. The Director of Social Welfare Department was invited to officiate the opening ceremony.

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