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The Diamond of Peace
Bamako, Mali

Project Size

43,000 square feet

Est. Construction Cost

USD 3 million


Enko Education (Johannesburg)



The name “Diamond of Peace” symbolizes a hope that children are precious and they will be ambassadors of peace. The application of green and brown colors on the main façade represents Enko’s values of care, path-making, commitment, and team spirit. The entry of the building has a diamond-shaped atrium that rotates 90 degrees on each floor. The atrium carries shiny metallic dove silhouettes flying together that symbolizes peace and team spirit. A large peace sign is strategically placed in the courtyard to symbolize peace.

The building is designed to maximize its functional efficiency. The building has five floors, with each floor designed to meet the educational and extracurricular needs of nursery, kindergarten, primary, and secondary school students. A grand staircase and elevator immediately left to the main entry take primary
and secondary school students to the upper floors without intersecting with nursery and kindergarten pupils located on the ground floor (G/F). Classrooms were connected by under covered corridor spaces that can be used for gathering during break times. The G/F has a shared playground for kindergarten and primary
school students and accommodates offices and common areas for all staff. An additional playground on the rooftop is zoned for secondary school students.


Hygiene and Safety
Sanitary fittings meet international standards, including sufficient toilets for adults, children and disabled persons. Baby care and lactation room is provided in G/F. Three staircases and clearly defined egress are included for better evacuation for emergency. A multi-purpose hall located on the G/F has direct egress to the street.

Adaptability and Sustainability
The under-covered playground on the first floor can be converted into classrooms in the future expansion. Non-structural interior wall partitions are purposely designed for ease of renovation and space repurposing in the future. The atrium creates a stack effect to drive natural ventilation. Enclosed playground on 1/F has a high headroom and is open at their sides to allow natural ventilation. Lightweight photovoltaic panels, and
wind turbines on roof-top are designed to generate renewable sources for electricity. Water tank on the roof-top can harvest rainwater for irrigation and toilet flushing. The roof-top also accommodates a communal garden to reduce heat absorption.

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