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The Garden of Eden
Macau, China

Project Size

200,000 sq. ft.

Est. Construction Cost

USD 80 million


Macau Academy of Smart Care



There is an increasing demand of quality long term care services in Macau. Our team is commissioned to design an innovative and unique landmark building as a response to address the issue. Located at a prime area in Coloane Macau, the project is a 8-storey high comprehensive development consists of retail,
convention center, innovation hub, workshops, elderly homes, and serviced apartment.


One of the main missions of this project is the evangelism to the non-believing residents and the soothingness of those who are about to pass. We used to concept of “angel” as he is a spiritual being created by God as His messenger. It is widely received as peaceful & joyful and to deliver God’s good news to people.


The building is a literal translation of an angelic form. It takes a symmetrical form that improves structural efficiency and flexibility of planning. Vertical green walls and outdoor plantings are designed to reduce heat island effect. Solar panels and mini wind turbines will be installed on roof top to improve energy efficiency.

The project has earned governmental support. Construction is anticipated to be completed by 2026.

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