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The Spirit of San Jose - Urban Park Redevelopment
San Jose, California, United States

Project Size

4.38 hectare

Est. Construction Cost



San Jose Light Tower Corporation Limited



The project interprets the “Spirit of San Jose” through a meticulous and energy-efficient intervention of architecture, landscape, and transportation design to the existing Arena Green Park. The four iconic landmarks in the projects are namely:

1) Alpha-Omega amphitheater at the Arena Green West represents the analogy of a phoenix rising from the ashes. The (α) sculpture is placed at the center of the (Ω) amphitheater with a rotating platform to symbolize an ending can result in a new beginning. It has multifunction for public events, social gatherings, or pathway for jogging and seeing the park from different heights. The (α) sculpture to be created with RXF1 (polyethylene spaceship recycled material). The top of (Ω) amphitheater to be covered by solar panels to generate electric power. New playground equipment is proposed close to the amphitheater.

2) San Jose water feature at Arena Green East represents versatility and creativity consists of color mosaic tiles intersected with water jets feature and seating areas. The water jets (uses treated recycled grey water) are intended to be programmable leading to choreographed displays, meant to stimulate opportunities for
play and recreation. The surrounding stepped seating offer opportunities for rest. Outdoor energy gym equipment will be installed not only to promote fitness, but also to partially power the water jets.


3) Infinity Bridge connecting the east and the west sites symbolizes limitlessness and connectivity. Its sweeping curve of steel is designed to reflect the conceptual limitlessness of entrepreneurs’ vision.

4) Futuristic Eco Trailers symbolizes mobility and flexibility. They function as movable retail for coffee, ice-cream, cakes, and souvenirs. These Eco Trailers activate both sites with the advantage that additional underground utilities (such as drainage and cables) for permanent shops are no longer a requirement. The solar panels and wind turbines on the trailers shall generate adequate electricity for the operation of
the shops.


Hybrid windmills with solar panels and light poles will be installed along the perimeters of the east and west sites. Fiber optic light will be placed along the river and some areas to reinvent a safe and romantic ambience within the site in the evening. The design elements correspond with each other, creating unique and eco-friendly landmarks with functional purposes to translate the concept of “Spirit of San Jose” into built environment.

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