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"Human Oriented Design and Protection of Our Environment"

(Requirement and Expectation on Ironmongery Application in Healthcare and Barrier-Free facilities from the Architectural Design Industry's point of view)


19th China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair


China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation (China)


Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China 


July 8, 2017

Research Team Member

Kenneth Poon, Dr. Ailin Iwan

Event Description

Architects and Interior Designers always deal with ironmongery in a construction project. In a typical elderly center fitting-out project, the cost of ironmongery constitutes to approximately 2% of the overall construction cost within which the cost of barrier-free ironmongery usually does not exceed 1%. As a result, many designers and clients tend to put less focus on the selection of ironmongery because of its small contribution in a project.


Being a representative of World Association of Chinese Architects to deliver a keynote speech at the 19th China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair, Kenneth Poon of Philia Earth addressed the topic as "Human Oriented Design and Protection of Our Environment" (以人為本; 愛護環境). The speech emphasized on the importance of caring for the vulnerable groups in the the society such as senior citizens and children with physical disabilities. It also discussed a sustainable manufacture approach for ironmongery products as an alternative.

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