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<Global Goals Yearbook 2019>

"Philia Earth's Perspective: Advancing Humanities for a Thriving World"

Publishing House

Macondo Publishing GmbH (Germany)

Annual Issue

September 2019


Philia Earth declares sustainability as its foundation by consciously embracing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations as the company's commitment to maximize social impact to create positive values for the environment and society. We hope to work in partnership with companies and public institutions that share similar values.


Our new theme “Advancing Humanity for a Thriving World” speaks volume of our goals to amplify social impact through business. We see the needs of levelling the playing ground to serve community and, most importantly, not to neglect the marginalized in society: the children, the elderly, and the special needs.

It was such a great privilege that our company was selected as 1 of the 34 companies in the world and the only architectural design consultant to feature its sustainable business practice in alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations in the <Global Goals Yearbook 2019>.

In the book, we explain six of the UN SDGs which

our company adopted:

Goal #4 : Quality Education;

Goal #5 : Gender Equality;

Goal #9 : Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure;

Goal #10 : Reduced Inequality;

Goal #11 : Sustainable Cities and Communities; and

Goal #17 : Partnerships for the Goals.

Our article in the <GLOBAL GOALS YEAR BOOK 2019> can be read from the link below:

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